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Resident Artist M. Julian Isaacson

The Amee Farm Lodge is honored to feature many fine works of art from the local Vermont artist Julian Isaacson. The common areas are graced with his bas-relief sculptures that combine rural Vermont themes with his Native American heritage, using classically European mediums and techniques.


For over 35 years Isaacson has been designing and crafting sculptural masterpieces made from local marble, limestone, and hardwood. Isaacson is self-taught sculptor born into a family of artists and musicians, so creativity ran deep. As a youngster Julian originally gravitated towards painting, but it soon became clear that he was colorblind. In time he discovered that sculpture was his perfect creative outlet, and now he likes nothing better than to patiently chip away at a block of marble or wood to reveal the “story” that resides within it.


To see more examples of his work, or to request a custom order, visit the Stone Revival gallery and studio (2.3 miles from the Amee Farm Lodge) at 1354 Route 100, Stockbridge, VT 05772, or at


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